Imagine dating an old but dear friend for 6 or 7 months strong and right when you think you’re ready to be more than friends he curve you!  He tells you a story about time, and not wanting to mess things up, and ultimately he would rather remain friends.  Sounds innocent enough right??… NEGATIVE Ghostwriter! … Continue Reading

The idea of having a “seat at the table” implies a privilege rewarded to for maximum effort, or maybe it was inherited.  I recently had an encounter that shaped that ideology. So two things.. First I attended “Conversation in Perspective”.  This is an open invite event where people come in, have a seat and discuss the topics … Continue Reading

I’m TOTALLY on cloud 9 right now! Listen doll, if you knew my story you would understand my excitement.  God has blessed me in a manner that I just don’t have enough words to express.  Like I literally was physically exhausted from praising Him.  Recruiters reach out to me pretty regularly, so this inquiry wasn’t … Continue Reading

This post is dedicated to the colloquial use of “The Game”.  In the midst of being courted by an experience that was innocent yet refreshing, and sweet; I find myself in a state of befuddlement.  Like seriously, how did I end up in this trick bag? It’s amazing how when your “minding your own business” game is … Continue Reading

This weekend was special to me.  I won’t bore you with the specifics but it took a lot of sacrifice from my family and friends to help me get here.  And it was all worth it.  This was my debut into the Texas Plus America pageant system as Ms. Las Colinas Plus America 2017!! Leading … Continue Reading

On 11/30 I underwent my Myomectomy procedure.  When I was first advised surgery was the only option (emotional breakdown found here) I scoured the internet looking for the myomectomy experiences other women.  I was searching for literally anything I could consume to have a broad idea of what to expect during this process.  I’m sharing this … Continue Reading