I’m TOTALLY on cloud 9 right now! Listen doll, if you knew my story you would understand my excitement.  God has blessed me in a manner that I just don’t have enough words to express.  Like I literally was physically exhausted from praising Him.  Recruiters reach out to me pretty regularly, so this inquiry wasn’t out of the norm.  However, after a 3 week interview process and wait, lol, I just accepted an offer for what I deem my dream corporate job.  Push through favor!!

All of this is coming off the tailwind of listening to Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon “Headwinds”.  I HIGHLY recommend listening to this.  Then, move over to Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon, “Get Up & Eat”.  AND THEN… check out Pastor Toure Roberts’ “Forward Only”.  These messages were so powerful.  From Sarah I learned that within a headwind, when your moving against the winds, God can cause an opposing wind to propel you forward.  And that regardless of what we’re going through we have to stay in the same heart posture that we were in when God gave us the vision.  From Bishop I learned that when something dies we have to stop mourning, clean ourselves, get up & go eat.  From Pastor Toure I learned not to entertain others doubt on what God has for me.

I prayed for confirmation during this process.  This was most important to me because my heart desires to be completely in the will of God.  Like no matter how awesome the offer is, if it wasn’t His will, I didn’t want it.  During my wait after all the interviews were over, I was a little anxious, not going to lie.  Fortunately God favored me.  I remembering in my dream God telling me that I would receive an offer, and I did, that EXACT day.  Favor is so amazing!!  The funny part was although I knew when I got the call I was still in a state of shock, lol.

With change comes a measure of self doubt and fear.  And as if facing yourself isn’t enough, doubt and fear can also be seeded by those around you.  For example,  I spoke with my director after I put in my notice.  While he was congratulating me there was an undertone that I didn’t like.  He begin to mention how hard certain things I’m embarking on would be.  At first my heart dropped like, OMG!! What am I doing.  But then, I love how the Spirit moves.  Just as he was speaking grim about my next steps, the Spirit reminded me:

1.) Not to be afraid of something I’ve yet to encounter.

2.) Do not allow anyone’s sarcasm or skepticism to induce fear in me.

God has shown me so much favor throughout this entire process.  I wholeheartedly believe that God has brought me to this, and that I am equipped with whats required to be successful.  I give God all the honor, glory, & praise!!

?? #ALLThingsWorkTogether!! ??

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