The Queens are Here Darling!!

This weekend was special to me.  I won’t bore you with the specifics but it took a lot of sacrifice from my family and friends to help me get here.  And it was all worth it.  This was my debut into the Texas Plus America pageant system as Ms. Las Colinas Plus America 2017!! Leading … Continue Reading

Myomectomy & Beyond!

On 11/30 I underwent my Myomectomy procedure.  When I was first advised surgery was the only option (emotional breakdown found here) I scoured the internet looking for the myomectomy experiences other women.  I was searching for literally anything I could consume to have a broad idea of what to expect during this process.  I’m sharing this … Continue Reading

When The “S” Falls off Your Chest…..

In my early 20’s I learned I had the BIG “F”… FIBROIDS.  My plan was to wait until after I had kids to entertain any type of surgical procedures.  I didn’t want anyone messing with my uterus before then. Days after my 34th birthday I was told my fibroids were humungous AF, and they (plural) are causing … Continue Reading

A Moment Like This…

To crown or not to crown… that is the question. We all grew up having seen a pageant or two.  There was always a rush of excitement when a woman with beautiful brown skin such as Vanessa Williams or Kenya Moore was crowned.  They were absolutely radiant.  Nevertheless, from the big screen TV in my living room an … Continue Reading