In it’s most intimate form, crowning happens during the second stage of labor.  During this process your babies head appears during a contraction, but once the contraction is over it withdraws.  When you can see the babies head, and it doesn’t slip back in, that’s when crowning occurs.

I’ve just passed through the labor stage.  I willingly let go of a lot of things, people, and liberated my self from the expectations of others.  Those were my contractions.  And my contractions were overtaking my destiny.  If you stay stuck here you will never be able to live with purpose or get to the next destination.

Letting go is not easy. Letting go hurts.  However, letting go is critical to your advancement.

Crowning for the sake of this blog post is used metaphorically to symbolize preparing to birth a blessing, or new season.  And this is where I reside.  This territory is quite odd and unfamiliar.  It’s like being dead center of your journey where you can slip back to your old ways, or stay the course and go an equal distance the opposite direction to birth whatever’s next in life.

The challenging part is staying the course.  I can’t tell you how often the urge to reengage my past strikes.  It happens live and in living color.  Like all of a sudden I’m flooded with memories of the good times.  Then I have to pull myself back by reminding myself of the actual truth, and why this change is so important.

The key to pushing through the last and final stages of birthing are to focus on the process itself, and not the contractions.

Focus on your goals, and your personal tenets.  Knowing that something great is on the horizon is so motivating.  The seeds we sow today will determine our future harvest.  Therefore, use this time to establish habits geared to succeed at the goal in mind.

Undoubtedly, falling in love with the process is the only way to get to the crown.



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