Today was Day 1 of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse as outlined by J.J. Smith.  How’s it going so far you ask??  I would punch a puppy for a steak right now, lol!  The cravings are strong but I’m managing.  I keep repeating to myself, “This is for your life”.

Day 1 was not bad BUT not without incident.  My smoothie ingredients were sectioned out in storage baggies marked with theoster-blender proper day.  I wanted to make sure it was fresh so I waited until morning to pop them into the blender then head out to work.

What should have been 5 maybe 8 min to prep and get out the door took 20 plus min, and I was almost late to work!!

My poor ole Oster Blender just couldn’t hang.  The frozen fruit and pure mass of the smoothie was too much for her.  The large chunks were barely broken up and it was clearly not smooth.  Today was the day my Oyster died….

Allow me to introduce my brand new Ninja!!  I TOTALLY look forward to using her on this journey and many days to come!!  Overall, Day 1 is in the books as a success. I made it!



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