So after having come through what could possibly qualify as THE most turbulent season of my life, I’m left standing, looking around for what’s next.  Initially this spot was hard.  I may have been unhappy before but I wasn’t alone.  Now I’m alone.  Alone is loud.

Friends and family were great.  However, life is still going full steam ahead for them.  I learned you can’t being to insert people into your lonely spaces just to occupy the space.  I learned very quickly that I needed to figure out how to get myself back together.

There are a lot of different definitions and recommendations on what the “Meantime” is.  To me the Meantime is a season in life that’s dedicated to resetting and re-centering ones self.  This space allows you freedom to find your purpose, make personal improvements, and become honest with yourself and God.  In the meantime you discover how to live encouraged.

How does living encouraged look on me?

1.) Identify what went wrong? Lessons learned?  I don’t mean from a beat yourself up perspective.  I talking about now that it’s all said and done, what do I walk away with?

flower-girl2.) Work on myself, like REALLY work on myself i.e. health, fitness, appearance revamp.  To be brutally honest, I let myself go.  The stress, the pressure…. it all got to me.  I internalized. I ate all kinds of tasty rich flavorful delicacies and TONS of Tex-Mex-my fave! 🙂  My blood pressure jumped sky high.  My weight ballooned, and my brows are not arched…

3.) Decode pain points or scars.  Let’s not pretend the pain didn’t hurt, that the spoken words didn’t hurt, that the rejection didn’t hurt, or that the spiteful actions didn’t hurt.  It’s hard to not have PTSD after a rough battle.  I’m learning it’s important to take a min to sift out those pains so that I can calmly articulate them if I feel wronged again.

4.) Do something!  This one is as simple as it reads.  Do something that will enhance your life, not just occupy time.

5.) Refortify in the Word.  I can only speak for what I believe.  There’s nothing like humbly going before God for restoration and losing yourself in Him.  In my purpose and called to Love, Serve, Lead, & Inspire and I’m well on my way.

The difference between then (post separation) and now is that now I’m in a great place.  I once heard a preacher tell the church to declare “My latter days will be greater than my former”.  This gave me colloquial “LIFE”.  If we are going to trust and believe God’s promises we might as well go all the way huh?  I’m so excited y’all.  I have a list of things I’m working to accomplish or improve.  Just for me, not for anyone else.  I can’t wait to share as I check them off of my list!

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