On 11/30 I underwent my Myomectomy procedure.  When I was first advised surgery was the only option (emotional breakdown found here) I scoured the internet looking for the myomectomy experiences other women.  I was searching for literally anything I could consume to have a broad idea of what to expect during this process.  I’m sharing this particular experience so that there’s one more positive story to add color to this emotional myomectomy journey.

I cleaned my apartment the night before to within an inch of sheer exhaustion, and my packed bag was at my care takers house.  The only thing left to do was follow through with the plan.  With my mom I checked into the hospital at 6am in anticipation of a 9am surgery.  I don’t recall being nervous, just wanting to feel better.

Initially I was told my abdominal fibroids were really large.  The largest being the size of a grapefruit and it was pressing heavily on my bladder.  I had several fibroids in, on, and around my uterus.  Because of the size, weight, and location my cycles were out of control.  I was bleeding for weeks (weeks!) at a time and was anemic.

Minus the pre-surgery wait, I only remember being rolled into the operation room, laughing with the anesthesiologist, then waking up in my recovery room.



On a scale of 1-10 initial myomectomy recovery pain was a 10.  Not just from the procedure though.  Pain management was administered via epidural so that I could get up and start walking around sooner.  Ok fine!  But what no one told me was that anesthesia would put my bowels to sleep or that most major prescription pain meds will make you constipated.  My stomach had extended so far and tight I seriously mulled over taking a pin and popping myself.  I had two enemas and a suppository before I was able to relieve my bowels in the slightest amount.  I have never been so miserable in my life.  A 2-3 day stay turned into a full on 5 day stay.  I could not pass gas, and I could not have a bowel movement.  I would never wish that on ANYONE!

There was standard discomfort from the incision that morphed into “dear sweet baby Jesus” when I coughed or had breathing treatments or moved…  After my first real sneeze I thought I was going to rupture something AND blow myself away, lol.  The last major discomfort was my first REAL lengthy pass of gas and bowl movement.  Like a real solid one.  I almost passed out.

The weirdest part to me was my lower abdomen.  I was numb from like 3 inches below my belly button through midway of my pubic bone.  Like completely numb and it felt heavy.  However, the abdominal binder made me feel more secure.  Problem solved!!

My first menstrual cramps was an interesting experience.  It was super intense because it hurt and burned.  The best way to describe it was a flaming pain.  I imagine that sounds weird but it’s true.  I took two of the prescribed pain pills and spent most of the night pacing the floor.  The rhythm of the pacing finally lulled me into a sleep.  This lasted only 1-2 days.  The actual period lasted 5 days.  However there are huge differences and major improvements here.  Although it was 5 days the flow was medium 1-2 days then very light the remaining.  This was the equivalent of the clouds parting and the light from heaven shinning directly on me, lol.


90 Days Out

90 Days out and I’m still numb.  Like from the same 3 inches below my navel to the very bottom of my incision I can’t feel anything and it still feels “heavy”.  My doctor said it was because with the bikini incision she had to cut the nerves and it will take a while for them to grow back.  It’s not an “issue” it’s just weird when I go to touch my stomach and realize I can’t feel it.

The cycles are much -much better!  I’ve moved from a bag of depends and a box of tampons to just half a box of tampons <-Regular! <-It’s the small things right? Lol

I can sleep on my stomach with no issues.

I’m more comfortable going out and being more social.


End Result

As I mentioned I had several abdominal fibroids.  My surgeon went in expecting 8 or 9 fibroids.  By the end of the procedure she removed 17 fibroids, and 1 ovarian fibroma!!

However, keeping all things constant, I am in the best place I’ve been in a very long time.  Recovery exercising to get my stamina back contributed an additional 20lb lost for a total of 40lbs!  I have a waist again, AND decrease in stomach circumference since my little buddies are all gone, lol!

While I never imagined I would be in this position, this procedure changed my life and my outlook.  I don’t want to waste time anymore.  I want to live life to the absolute fullest.

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