This weekend was special to me.  I won’t bore you with the specifics but it took a lot of sacrifice from my family and friends to help me get here.  And it was all worth it.  This was my debut into the Texas Plus America pageant system as Ms. Las Colinas Plus America 2017!!

Leading up to the event I experienced a whirlwind of emotions.  Am I going to embarrass myself? Will they laugh at me? Boo me? Will anyone clap for me? Does my attire still fit?  What if I freeze up? Who’s gonna help me get into this gown?? WILL…… my edges (natural hair) swell under this bun?? Lol

Here’s my pageant weekend experience…..

Friday was most hectic with trying to tie up loose ends.  My designer changed the delivery time to pick up my gown which included a final fitting.  I still had to pick a few odds and ends from the store in case of emergency.  I also still needed to get a pedicure.  This moved my 3pm check in to nearly midnight.  But we made it just in the nick of time.

Saturday I hit the ground running.  We set my hair with this stuff called gorilla snot the night before in preparation for my bun.  When I peeled that scarf off my hair was in perfect unmovable formation! That stuff really works!  We secured my bun and dressed quickly for check in which flowed into orientation, then interviews.  There were so many beautiful ladies with smiling faces.  The courage and confidence in the room was so empowering.

As we waited to be called for interview it was difficult not to wonder if you were up to date on the up to moment latest current events.  And with #45 in office that was tricky because there was a lot happening especially with the retraction of the Republican Party’s health plan to repeal Obamacare.  I tried to treat the experience as an impromptu conversation with a nice group of strangers.  I was a little nervous but I made it!!

Sunday was EVERYTHING…  Here is where the rubber met the road!  Sunday’s itinerary was jammed packed including an awards breakfast, rehearsal, and the actual competition.  There was almost no time to breathe.

#Pageant Besties!! XOXO

There’s nothing like the anxiety that pulses through your body as you prepare to hit the stage, and present yourself before judges and an audience.

My goal for the pageant was to 1.)  Stretch myself beyond my normal limits.  I’ve NEVER submitted myself in this manner before.  Going forward I want to be a woman who’s not afraid to stand boldly in front of others for any reason. 2.) I used this experience as a leaping pad to speak boldly on my platform cultivating positive body image and confidence by my very example.

There were 9 women in my Ms. division.  Unfortunately I didn’t place this year.  Of course I wanted to win, but as long as I accomplished my goals I’m ecstatic about my performance.

I will however take my experience and the judges’ comments and be prepared for next year!! XOXO’s…

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